Get a free Christmas novella!

Very soon my new Christmas novella will be ready to read. If you subscribe to my New Book Alert, you will get it for free as my gift of thanks to you. To subscribe, sign up here.

Set in the Wager of Hearts world, THE IRISHMAN’S CHRISTMAS GAMBLE tells Frankie Hogan’s story. She’s the founder […]

Christmas comes early to Sanctuary! My Whisper Horse novella is only $1.49!

My Christmas Whisper Horse novella, A Down-Home Country Christmas, is now available on Kindle and Nook at a special promotional price of $1.49. Do you love glittering holiday lights, Christmas cookies, and fluffy snowflakes? You’ll love Holly and Robbie’s story:

After escaping an abusive marriage, Holly builds a haven of security for herself and her […]

Wacky Gifts for Guys #5

Does your significant other like to sing in the shower? Well, now he has the lighting effects to make him feel like a star with the Rainbow Shower Head.

And it’s ecologically responsible: the water pressure powers the LED colors. No batteries necessary! It’s a disco inferno with a built-in sprinkler system. Burn, baby, […]

Wacky Gifts for Guys #4

Is your guy a true romantic? Or do you really wish he was? Here’s just the thing to fan the flames of romance: a couples hand-holding mitten set.

It comes with 2 individual mittens for your outside hands and one shared mitten that fits over your interlocked hands. All in a lovely, fashion-forward shade […]

Wacky Gifts for Guys #3

Okay, this may be tacky, but I couldn’t resist it. And it’s very useful.

Yes, it’s Weener Kleener Soap. The name alone had me in stitches. It promises to make personal hygiene more stimulating and guarantees that “a few quick strokes will clean most appendages.” Make sure the recipient reads the “Caution” at the […]

Wacky Gifts for Guys #2

You love your Snuggie, right? It’s warm and soft and hugs you without expecting anything in return. But the man in your life makes fun of you every time you use it. Here’s your revenge: the Superman Snuggie. It’s “super cozy”, of course.

Wrap this up with a card that says, “You’re my hero.” […]

Wacky Gifts for Guys #1

Let’s face it: it’s really hard to buy presents for the male of the species unless your holiday shopping budget runs to big screen TVs or yachts or Porsches. Since most of us have to struggle with a slightly lower price limit, I have scoured my catalogs to find perfect gifts for the man in […]

Holiday gift #3: For the golfer in your life

Called “Golf Balls in a Sack”, this gift could go to either a male or female golfer, with slightly different subtexts. Dare them to hang it on their golf bag!

You can get 2 for just $13.50 each at .


Holiday gift #2: For all us moms

Do I really need to comment on this? I know I want one!

Gift idea #1: A magic wand

Tis the season for holiday shopping, and as always, I try to be helpful to my readers since I know what a tough job it is to find just the right gift. Here’s my first suggestion. It’s especially perfect for Harry Potter fans, but I think almost everyone has wanted a magic wand at some […]