Christmas came early this year: A Down-Home Country Christmas is available now!



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Dear Loyal Readers,

You asked for Holly and Robbie’s story and you got it! So many of you wanted to know what happened to Claire’s sister from Take Me Home that I just had to write her happy ending. I love it when readers find a secondary character so interesting that they want more.

Holly’s name and the fact that she has two little girls made me decide to set her story during the holiday season. Christmas made me think of donkeys, so Holly has a Whisper Donkey named Noël.

For those who have read my other Whisper Horse novels, there’s an Author’s Note at the end of A Down-Home Country Christmas explaining where this novella fits into the chronology of the series.

If you haven't read the full-length novels, you might want to skip the epilogue of A Down-Home Country Christmas since it shows what happens to some of the characters from the previous books. On the other hand, it may tempt you to read them! I’ll leave that up to you.

A few FAQs

I’ve had many readers ask the same questions about the Whisper Horse novels so I thought I would answer them here.

Q: Did you invent the term “Whisper Horse”?

A: Yes, I did. It came from my experience with my own pony, Papoose. When I was growing up, I used to tell Papoose all my problems, sometimes literally whispering them into his beautiful, sensitive ears. I always felt better afterwards—and I knew he’d never tell anyone else!—so I developed the idea of a Whisper Horse for my characters, the one special creature they could tell their troubles to who will share the burden with them. Since my characters need to work through a lot of problems, I figured a Whisper Horse would be useful to them. And I love writing about horses.

Q: Do I have to read all the Whisper Horse books in order?

A: No, each book stands entirely on its own, with the main characters having a fully resolved happily-ever-after at the end of each story. However, it is more fun to read them in order because you see many characters, as well as the town of Sanctuary, West Virginia, in every book. In case you want to read the Whisper Horse series in order, this is how you should do it:

  1. Take Me Home;
  2. Country Roads;
  3.  The Place I Belong;
  4.  A Down-Home Country Christmas (digital only)

(Are you humming the John Denver song yet?)

Thank you for coming to the mountains of Sanctuary, West Virginia, with me in your imagination! I’m so grateful for your company.

Warm regards,