Another trip to paradise: The Turks and Caicos

Handsome Husband and I like to go way, way south to get warm after Christmas. Being wanderers, we rarely go to the same Caribbean island twice. So this year we checked out the Turks and Caicos, staying on the island of Providenciales.

My father, who commanded a destroyer during World War II and spent time […]

What’s your favorite Christmas ornament?

Every year as we decorate the tree, we remind each other of the signifcance of each ornament.

“Here’s the skating moose from our trip to Banff!” or “That’s the Santa starfish your old girlfriend painted for you,” or “Oh yes, the Mardi Gras mask from New Orleans–pre-Katrina.”

Of course, we all have our favorites. […]

Fraternizing with the enemy

Okay, it’s a slight exaggeration. However, while visiting my daughter in the wilds of Ohio, I attended a Columbus Blue Jackets game. Lest you think I abandoned my beloved Devils, it was not so. I wore my Devils hat proudly, as is evidenced by the photo below:

The Blue Jackets lost to the Anaheim […]

The Amazing Genius of Frank Lloyd Wright

My sister had a big birthday this year (I won’t reveal how big) and my gift to her was a trip to see Fallingwater, the famous house over a waterfall designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, something we both wanted to see. What an amazing place!

That’s me standing in the driveway beside the […]

Vacation Report: Wildlife viewed from a houseboat

How do you find a manatee? Look for clumps of people staring down into the water at a marina like this:

We were hugely excited when we saw our first manatees surfacing at the South Seas Plantation Marina. They’re an endangered species so we figured it was pretty special to catch sight of […]

Vacation Report: Houseboating in Florida…in August!

You all know my penchant for going on vacations that stretch my fairly meager spirit of adventure. Well, this was one of those. My sister somehow convinced us to rent a houseboat and cruise the Intracoastal Waterway in Florida with her and her family (who rented their own houseboat—I don’t like my sister THAT much).


Brodie update

Here’s my adorable niece Jessica, giving Brodie his favorite thing: a belly rub. Turns out the Devil Dog is amazingly good with children. Who’d a thunk?

Brodie is finally settling in. He’s a rub junkie and will melt into the floor with a moan of ecstasy if you pet him. He’s so incredibly cute […]

World’s best prequel: Star Trek

My Mother’s Day gift was a family outing to see the new Star Trek movie. Since I was a trekkie in my younger years, I went with a certain amount of fear and trembling. Telling the story of how my favorite starship crew first met and bonded seemed rife with the potential for disaster. I […]

I’m dreaming of a White Christmas

For a magical evening, our holiday decorations were enhanced by a blanket of snow. It may be gone by Christmas Day, but the sight of snow on our wreaths swept me back to my childhood when it always seemd to be white on the night Santa arrived.

Happy Holidays to all my readers! May […]

Bizarre Holiday Gift #1

Yodelling Pickle

In my on-going quest to find the perfect gift for my sixteen-year-old son-who-has-everything, I found this mind-boggling offering and had to share it with you. The catalogue copy says:

“Press a button and this goofy gherkin belts out a mighty “Yodel-Ay-Eee-Ooo!” It may be the kookiest gag gift we’ve ever seen–and we’re […]