Buy a book and help a cat or dog!

SECOND TO NONE, the kick-off novella for my Second Glances series, is available now! My new book features a hot billionaire, a single mom, and rescue dogs.

Between now and September 26th (including all pre-orders!), I will donate 50 cents for every copy sold of SECOND TO NONE to Frankie’s Friends, which provides low-cost medical […]

Pie is a real cat

Many readers have fallen in love with Pie, the little gray cat in my latest release The VIP Doubles Down. What folks don’t always know is that Pie is my cat in real life. I thought I would share the story of how she came to live with me (originally posted on the wonderful Happy-Ever-After […]

Galapagos, Part 2: Sea lions

If truth be told, my favorite critters in the Galapagos were not the blue-footed boobies or the great frigatebirds, as cool as they were. Nope, it was the totally unexotic sea lions because they were cute and highly entertaining. And our presence didn’t bother them at all, as you can see below.

Contrary to […]

Galapagos Islands, Part 1: Where exactly are they?

My journey to the fabulous Galapagos Islands via plane, Zodiac and ship. […]

Brodie the Snowman Killer

My Darling Daughter built a snowman in our backyard after our most recent snowstorm. Brodie “helped”, chomping on the snowballs as she rolled them, etc. When the chilly fellow was finished, my D.D. came inside and called me to the window to admire her work. This is what we saw:

Brodie approaches the snowman and […]

Fraternizing with the enemy

Okay, it’s a slight exaggeration. However, while visiting my daughter in the wilds of Ohio, I attended a Columbus Blue Jackets game. Lest you think I abandoned my beloved Devils, it was not so. I wore my Devils hat proudly, as is evidenced by the photo below:

The Blue Jackets lost to the Anaheim […]

Life’s Little Gifts

I’ve been feeling a little blue since my Darling Daughter went back to college. Today, life seemed to be trying to cheer me up by dropping small treasures into my day:

1) Today dawned sunny, warm and with NO HUMIDITY, something unheard of at this time of year in New Jersey.

2) Lured by […]

Vacation Report: Wildlife viewed from a houseboat

How do you find a manatee? Look for clumps of people staring down into the water at a marina like this:

We were hugely excited when we saw our first manatees surfacing at the South Seas Plantation Marina. They’re an endangered species so we figured it was pretty special to catch sight of […]

Out of the mouths of babes…

My Darling Daughter brought home a literary magazine from Kenyon College called Hika, An Undergraduate Journal of Arts and Letters. Following is my favorite poem from the journal. The poet speaks of a truly universal truth.

Procrastination Takes on Newton’s Laws of Motion in a Cage Fight and Wins

I have yet to find

an […]

What is it about a marching band?

I’m a recovering band parent. My daughter graduated from high school and the marching band last year. However, at the Memorial Day Parade in our small town today, my heart still thrilled to the sound of John Phillip Sousa, played as the band marched crisply down our main street. Tears still filled my eyes […]