Whisper Horse Series

What’s a Whisper Horse?

It’s a special horse you can whisper your troubles to, so you have someone to share the burden with. I got the idea from my real-life pony Papoose. All through my youth, I would tell Papoose my problems, and I always felt better afterwards. Since the characters in my books have some serious issues, I thought they could use the same kind of help I had.

My Whisper Horse novels are set in the fictional town of Sanctuary, in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. I grew up in a small town in those same mountains, so I write these books straight from my heart.

Whisper Horse series FAQs

I’ve had many readers ask the same questions about the Whisper Horse novels so I thought I would answer them here.

Q: Did you invent the term “Whisper Horse”?

A: Yes, I did. It came from my experience with my own pony, Papoose. When I was growing up, I used to tell Papoose all my problems, sometimes literally whispering them into his beautiful, sensitive ears. I always felt better afterwards—and I knew he’d never tell anyone else!—so I developed the idea of a Whisper Horse for my characters, the one special creature they could tell their troubles to who will share the burden with them. Since my characters need to work through a lot of problems, I figured a Whisper Horse would be useful to them. And I love writing about horses.

Q: Do I have to read all the Whisper Horse books in order?

A: No, each book stands entirely on its own, with the main characters having a fully resolved happily-ever-after at the end of each story. However, it is more fun to read them in order because you see many characters, as well as the town of Sanctuary, West Virginia, in every book. In case you want to read the Whisper Horse series in order, this is how you should do it:

  1. Take Me Home;
  2. Country Roads;
  3. The Place I Belong;
  4. A Down-Home Country Christmas

(Are you humming the John Denver song yet?)

Praise for the Whisper Horse novels

Winner of the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence
Like slipping into a warm bath, Herkness eases readers into her story. She’s spot-on when it comes to tugging at the heartstrings, and the vibrant setting of the West Virginia mountains is perfect for characters who will haunt readers long after the last page is turned. Animal lovers will be especially delighted.”
            —Jaime A. Geraldi, RT Book Reviews

2014 RITA® award nominee for contemporary romance
Winner of:
National Excellence in Romance Fiction Award
Golden Quill Award
Maggie Award

Country Roads is a contemporary romance that will steal your breath. It’s dreamy. It’s steamy hot, yet heartbreakingly tender. It’s an exceptional story that will touch your heart. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. You will read feverishly to the end, and then you wish that it would go on forever. Country Roads is a novel you will treasure.”
            —Heide Katros, Winter Haven News Chief

2015 RITA® award nominee for contemporary romance
Winner of:

Book Buyers Best “Top Pick” and Contemporary Single Title Awards
Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence
Aspen Gold Award
The Carla Crown Jewel of Books Award

“Every. Single. Aspect. Is. Perfect. I love the tension, the amount of buildup. It is completely believable. It’s not at all like two people are thrown together and forced to want one another. This has the natural development that you yearn for in a piece. It leaves you rooting for the two of them, hoping that Hannah and Adam will work through everything, and be the ones that can bring peace to each other.”
           —Veronica Hardy, book blogger