Second Glances Series

Billionaires with heart

That’s what my brilliant editor tagged the Second Glances series. I love it!

Here’s what the series is about:

With the founding of the K-9 Angelz, disadvantaged New York City kids and the shelter dogs who love them have finally found a safe haven. But an undertaking like this doesn’t come cheap. As the financial and emotional pressures mount, the women of the dedicated staff must call on men from their pasts—men who have the resources to save the after-school program, as well as the power to steal their hearts. One by one, these powerful but lonely men join the center’s board of directors…and discover what it means to love again.

If you’ve read my Wager of Hearts series, you know that I love writing about wealthy men who are missing something in their lives. In the Second Glances books, I’ve added some extra tugging at the heartstrings by introducing kids and dogs into their lives. I love animals of all kinds–even snakes!–so I wanted to bring that element into my stories.

I come by my creature craziness honestly. My mother was the president of the Humane Society in the small town where I grew up. People were always bringing us injured, homeless, and motherless animals. We cared for birds, opossums, alligators, and a whole menagerie of dogs and cats…and, of course, my pony, Papoose. From an early age, I learned about responsibility, loss, and, most important, unconditional love. I wanted the kids in my Second Glances books to have the same experience, so I created the K-9 Angelz.

I’m proud to say that my daughter has inherited the animal-crazy gene and is now studying to be a veterinarian at Iowa State University. She helps me with my research whenever I have a canine medical issue in my story.

I’m also proud of my daughter because she works for a cat rescue society whenever she has spare time. All of my own pets have been rescues because so many unwanted animals need homes. My rescued furkids give me so much in return for the food and shelter I give them.

Support animals by buying my books!

Every time I release a book in the Second Glances series, I will donate 50 cents for every book sold in the first two weeks (including pre-orders!) to an organization that helps animals.

For the release of Second to None, Frankie’s Friends Cat Rescue will be the recipient of my donation. This is the organization my daughter volunteers for in Pittsburgh, so I know how amazing the work they do is. If you’d like to find out more about Frankie’s Friends–or make a donation–, click here.