Second to None

A Second Glances novella

Montlake Romance

The kick-off novella for the new Second Glances series!

Billionaire chemist Max Varela is selling his company and leaving New York for good when Emily Wade bursts into his office, desperate for his help in funding her program for disadvantaged kids and shelter dogs. Seven years ago, he fell in love with her when she was married to another man. To fight the unbidden attraction, he cut off all contact but he’s never forgotten her.

Ever since her husband died, Emily has poured her heart and soul into the after-school care center. Seeing Max reawakens the pain of her loss, but it also brings unexpected hope for the future. As emotions thought long gone resurface, they begin a passionate affair that seems destined for a fairytale ending.

Until Max reveals that he’s moving to Chicago in a matter of weeks and wants Emily to uproot her daughter and her life to come with him. If a second chance at love is possible, someone’s got to give.

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Praise for Second to None

“Wow! A lot was packed into this one-hundred and twenty-four page novella…and I can’t wait for more! My interest was held from the first page to the last. The story had a lot of heartwarming and heartbreaking moments.” Recommended Read!
                     —Jo, RomanceJunkies

Second to None captured all of the things that I look for in a romance. While this one tugged at my heartstrings more times than I can count, it also fogged up my Kindle with the sexiness.”
                     —Aleen, Lampshade Reader

“[Nancy’s] stories take the time to develop characters, to delve into the psyche of why and what makes them tick. You feel like you have fallen beneath their skin and are looking at the world from each character’s eyeballs. Suddenly, it is you who are catching your breath and feeling the throes of anguish and pain, or ecstasy and joy, as you follow along.”
                     —Karen Laird, Shade Tree Book Reviews