Go ahead: Ask my characters a question!

Characters Magazine is offering a very cool opportunity: They’re interviewing four characters from my Wager of Hearts series…and YOU get to ask the questions! We’re putting Chloe and Nathan from THE CEO BUYS IN and Luke and Miranda from THE ALL-STAR ANTES UP on the hot seat. What do you most want to know about them? Here’s where you can satisfy your curiosity. Just click on the link below:

Ask A Question Here!


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  • Martha Martin

    I hope this is in the correct place. I would like to know why Chloe agreed to have her wedding in North Carolina. I realize Nathan has a private jet and can take most of their friends and family down there, but that would be a difficult trip for Grandmillie, Since she uses a can, negotiating the steps of the plant, not once but twice, will be hard for her. I know, because I have difficulty with steps and I would not like having to do that. They could have had the ceremony in New York or New Jersey and his dad and step-mom (along with the little one) could have been brought there with a whole lot less trouble. What was Chloe thinking?

  • Martha Martin

    Now I have a question for Nathan. I realize his childhood was less than ideal, trust me, I saw my childhood in his experiences. I never did anything right where my dad was concerned until I had my daughter – she was the only person in the world after he found out I was pregnant and it didn’t stop until she was a senior in high school and he died. So, since Nathan has had an opportunity to change diapers and dandle (?) a baby, I would like to find out if he has thought about a family of his own and, if so, how many children he thinks he would want.

  • Martha Martin

    Nathan used the family sword as his secret bet and Luke used his collection of SB rings. Then before the winner(s) – I can’t determine if they can all be winners or only one of them – was determined, Nathan “gave” the sword back to his dad and even left it in NC and Luke used stones from his rings for another purpose. I would like to know what would have happened if The Colonel hadn’t returned the sword and if Luke was determined not to have won because Nathan beat him to the “ring?”

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