Donate like a billionaire!

My sexy billionaires in the new Wager of Hearts series make a bet on love, but it’s not all about their hearts. The high-stakes wager includes a substantial donation to charity.

Wouldn’t you like to donate like a billionaire?

Through my Charity of Hearts, you can! It’s a celebration of the release of The CEO Buys In on July 21st.

Charity of Hearts

Here’s how it works:

Nominate your favorite worthy cause (it must be registered with the IRS). If you are chosen as one of four winners, I will donate $100 in your name.

There are several ways to enter:

  • Sign up for my New Book Alert here.
  • Watch for the Charity of Hearts post on my author Facebook page here.
  • Watch for the official Charity of Hearts post on my blog here.
  • Watch for the Charity of Hearts post on my Facebook profile page here.

One winner will be chosen from each entry category on my book’s release day, July 21st.

I hope you will enjoy meeting CEO Nathan Trainor and office temp Chloe Russell in The CEO Buys In. You can also catch glimpses of quarterback Luke Archer and bestselling novelist Gavin Miller, the billionaire heroes of Books 2 and 3 in the Wager of Hearts series.

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