The Joy of Skype

The Jersey Girls Read and Eat Book Group had a problem: they wanted to talk with me about my Whisper Horse novels which they had read, but they are located three hours away.  I don’t drive over bridges (phobic), and there are several large ones between here and there, so I couldn’t come to them.

Their brilliant technological solution: Skype!

I’d never tried this before so I wasn’t sure how it would work but the Jersey Girls turned out to be tech wizards.  They set up the Skype session so I was on the big screen for everyone to see AND on the small screen they could pass around so I could see the person asking me questions. Cool beans!

Back of group and Nancy

Here’s Michelle asking me a question via the iPad:

Michelle asks about Tim

Here I am on the big screen considering my answer (can you smell wood burning?):

Nancy thinks about her answer

Here’s the group listening to my brilliant response (LOL!):

The group listens to answers

The questions were absolutely fantastic; they made me think about several aspects of my work in new ways (which is why I had to ponder so hard in the second photo).

I had a blast and I understand the Jersey Girls did too, which made me feel great. I’m hoping to do more Skype book group sessions, so if you have a group, let me know! You can email me at



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