Apology from a bad blogger

Wow! I need to blog more.  I just noticed that my last entry was from nearly a month ago.  So why DON’T I blog?

Excuse #1: It uses the almost the same writing muscles as fiction does, and I need to conserve energy for writing my books.  Because those are what folks really want to read.  And they pay the bills.

Excuse #2: It takes time, a commodity we all have precious little of.

Excuse #3: There’s nothing I have a burning desire to talk about.  Not every day in my life is noteworthy…or at least not noteworthy enough to write several paragraphs about.  And I don’t want to bore my blog readers with prosaic posts.  Facebook is more suited to my “short thought” days.

Excuse #4: My children were home for the holidays and I wanted to hang out with them.

Excuse #5: My editor and/or agent will notice that I am not doing my copy-edits (which are due in three days) and politely point out that those are more important, if less fun.

Excuse #6: I’m reading my Facebook news feed.

Okay, the excuses are getting pretty weak, so it’s time to stop procrastinating and go back to my copy-editing.

I’ll be back when a) I’ve turned in my copy-edits, and b) I am breathless with the need to share my brilliant thoughts with you.  Bet you can’t wait!

Anyone out there have some better excuses than mine?

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