Brenda Novak’s auction starts Saturday

Brenda’s auction is filled with fabulous items for readers, writers, and everyone else.  The money raised goes to Juvenile Diabetes research, a very worthy cause.  You’ll have a great time browsing; just click on the graphic above.

I’ve donated an “Indulge Your Inner Reader” gift collection.  You can find it by searching for my name.

Here’s what’s in it:

Come and see all the great stuff!

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  • Ellen

    thanks for the reminder. I know Brenda sent me one a few weeks ago, but I did forget that the auction began on Sat.

  • Ellen, I’m so glad you support Brenda’s auction! Every year, I get some amazing items that I use as gifts–or sometimes just to treat myself. Knowing that my purchases support a great cause just makes it doubly pleasurable.

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