Brodie update

Jessica and Brodie 2

Here’s my adorable niece Jessica, giving Brodie his favorite thing: a belly rub.  Turns out the Devil Dog is amazingly good with children.  Who’d a thunk?

Brodie is finally settling in.  He’s a rub junkie and will melt into the floor with a moan of ecstasy if you pet him.  He’s so incredibly cute that it’s hard not to  pet him, a genetic adaptation that clearly serves him well.

He’s still digging a bit in the yard but hasn’t eaten any plants lately.  I think he’s bonded enough with us at last that he cares about our opinion of his actions.

“Come” is still an alien concept to him, but he’s doing much better on “heel”, especially since we put a “gentle leader” halter on him.  Works like a charm.  He even goes jogging with my Darling Daughter now that she’s home from college.

Truly, Brodie is such a sweetheart.  Our home would be empty without him.

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