Going back, going back…

I just returned from my mrmph-th (that’s the sound of me muffling the number of years since my graduation) college reunion.  It struck me that no one would truly believe what a major, insane production my college makes of reunions if I didn’t show you some photos.  So here they are.

My outfit.  This is my suitcase.  Do you detect a theme?

suitcase contents

More on the outfit.  Nail art by my darling daughter.  Did I mention my school’s mascot is a tiger?

Toenail art by Rebecca

The decorations in the reunions tent, one of many mushroomed through the campus.

Tiger balloons

The Prade.  Every alum and their families, including dogs, marches down the center of campus being cheered by all the other alums and their families and dogs.

Dog and child

Here’s my class watching the older classes go by in the Prade.  Of course, we were also talking, catching up on mrmph years of news.

Prade audience distance

Here’s my favorite outfit in the marching band.

Mohawk drummer

My class float.

Tiger float

Here’s my view once my class started marching.  A lot of folks came back.

Prade blurry

Finally, as embarassing as it is, here’s a picture of me in my class costume, looking as ridiculous as everyone else in the Prade. 

Nancy in hat

Feather boas are really itchy so I turned mine into a hatband.   It had the added advantage of weighting my hat down when the breeze got brisk.

Prize: Although there are major clues scattered all through my post, you may have noticed that I don’t mention where all this insanity took place.  If you can guess what college I attended, send me an email at nancy@nancyherkness.com.  Put “Reunion” in the subject line.  Everyone who guesses correctly will be entered in a drawing for a prize.

Note: this morning, I went through my closet to find something to wear and realized I had chosen beige from head to toe.  I’m thinking it’s an antidote to my weekend wardrobe.

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