The Place I Belong, Book 3 in the Whisper Horse series, is available now!

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Dear Readers,

I’m excited to have the next Whisper Horse novel out in your hands. The Place I Belong is the story of Adam Bosch, the chef-owner of The Aerie, and Hannah Linden, Tim Arbuckle’s new veterinary partner. Not to mention Adam’s son Matt and Satchmo, the Whisper Pony!

Adam is not the hero I expected to write. Originally, he was just a way for Tim to impress Claire in Take Me Home when Tim gets a last-minute dinner reservation at Adam’s exclusive restaurant. Because Tim was a vet, I gave Adam a dog whose life Tim saves after a bear attack. That was it! We never even met Adam in person.

In Country Roads, I needed an A.A. sponsor for Paul’s brother and Adam popped up again. I’ve read enough about chefs to know that some have drinking problems, so it seemed a natural fit. This time Adam appears in the book and was so intriguing and magnetic to me that I began to think of his possibilities as a hero. He had a major issue in his life: alcoholism, but he had fought long and hard against it, so I felt he deserved a happily-ever-after of his own—although it wouldn’t be easy to get there.

Given Adam’s problems, I decided his heroine needed to be a healer, someone who was willing to take on another’s pain and help conquer it. Tim wanted to hire a partner in order to travel with Claire, so a veterinarian seemed the right heroine. Of course, Hannah has her own problems.

A few FAQs

I’ve had many readers ask the same questions about the Whisper Horse novels so I thought I would answer them here.

Q: Did you invent the term “Whisper Horse”?

A: Yes, I did. It came from my experience with my own pony, Papoose. When I was growing up, I used to tell Papoose all my problems, sometimes literally whispering them into his beautiful, sensitive ears. I always felt better afterwards—and I knew he’d never tell anyone else!—so I developed the idea of a Whisper Horse for my characters, the one special creature they could tell their troubles to who will share the burden with them. Since my characters need to work through a lot of problems, I figured a Whisper Horse would be useful to them. And I love writing about horses.

Q: Do I have to read all the Whisper Horse books in order?

A: No, each book stands entirely on its own, with the main characters having a fully resolved happily-ever-after at the end of each story. However, it is more fun to read them in order because you see many characters, as well as the town of Sanctuary, West Virginia, in every book. In case you want to read the Whisper Horse series in order, this is how you should do it:

  1. Take Me Home;
  2. Country Roads;
  3. The Place I Belong.

(Are you humming the John Denver song yet?)

Q: Is The Place I Belong the last book in the Whisper Horse series?

A: The Place I Belong is the last full-length novel in the Whisper Horse series. However, I will be releasing a Christmas Whisper Horse novella—actually a Whisper Donkey—in Fall 2014 in digital format.

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Thank you for being such wonderful, supportive readers! I appreciate you all so much!

Warm regards,